Covid-19 update

SINY.NYC is project we’re proud to be a part of. Join us in supporting local businesses/artists, represent your neighborhood or Staten Island itself and all do it all for a good cause. We’re partnering with groups like Assembyl 3D Printing PPE for 1st Responders and others in need, and MakerspaceNYC producing protective gear, and looking to produce more!  10% of ALL profits from the sale of these shirts will go to provide necessary equipment and support for the amazing people in our community fighting COVID-19 personally, locally and globally!

Visit SINY.NYC for more.

Obligatory Covid-19 update

Good morning! Yes, we are still OPEN and doing our best to limit the spread of Covid-19. We are a 2 person team, a true “mom and pop” with a family of our own, so we are taking this very serious. The shop is open for pick ups but all other communication will be done by phone or online. Stay safe everyone! 😷💛💛💛💛